Thursday, October 27, 2011


    once you read this, you will know how important is the secretary and the advantage that the secretary have while having the job. of course, being secretary is the hardest job in the world, because while they are working,they have to work for someone else. it is their boss. it is tired because they have to remind them about their schedule everyday, make cofee every morning, write letter, write report, update file, prepare the minutes of  meeting and so on. i can't list it here, because i wont scary you. i'm sure that you know about this quotation, "DON'T JUDGE A BOOK BY IT'S COVER". so now, in this topic, we cannot judge the secretary by what the list of things that they have to do. 
     a secretary is a smart worker in a company. every single step of their boss they know. maybe, everyday they will learn something new. maybe how to improve their communication between other people, what is the latest format of the letter, and many more. they also have many friends in other companies because of the meeting. they also up to date of news. they will read the news everyday before their boss. for the first day work, maybe its a tiring and boring job, but, it is a great and fun job if you know what you gain from it.

* i am a secretary of TaSeK (my dance club). this is what i've been doing for a year. i know who my boss. they know who i am. the word 'they' means i have more than one boss. but, because of them, i know how to manage the activities. being involve in busy arena is not my dream, but being involve in learning arena is my dream. while working i'm learning. i am too young in secretary job. this is my first time. i love this job. but maybe next year, i will leave this job to someone else. everyone should try it. it is great!

below this are the funny picture about secretary. don't stress, be happy. :


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